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We are genuine UK manufacturers of both LED and fluorescent energy saving lighting solutions, primarily for the industrial, commercial, retail and leisure industries. "Genuine" means that we have complete in-house control throughout the whole manufacturing process. From our factory in East Yorkshire we design, punch, press, form and weld luminaire bodies from sheet steel before powder coating, wiring and final testing. This complete manufacturing capability means that aside from our standard range we possess the equipment and know-how to work with our customers to produce bespoke solutions to meet any unique specification.

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As well as constantly updating and developing our existing products to ensure they perform to the optimum level, we are continuously designing new and improved luminaires to suit all manner of applications and utilise the best quality components available. We also work closely with our clients to develop bespoke fittings if we don't have a fitting to fit their exact requirements.


LED technology has had a huge impact on the lighting industry. When utilised properly it can be incredibly efficient and effective at lighting almost any application, however when it’s done wrong it can be disastrous. That’s why we only use first brand components and test all LED products extensively before they go to market, to ensure they are at the very forefront in LED lighting solutions.

Though advances in LED technology over the last few years have given those with larger budgets another option for lighting solutions, traditional technologies such as fluorescent and H.I.D. can still be a worthwhile option for those on a budget, or for certain applications which don’t suit LED.

Due to their typically long operating hours and larger premises, lighting can often be a real energy drain for many businesses in manufacturing and warehousing. Our industry–leading range of energy saving lighting solutions can reduce energy costs by up to 60% and reduce CO2 emissions, without compromising on your lighting requirements.

Utilising the correct lighting in a retail environment can have a positive effect on many areas of the business from staff wellbeing to improving the customer’s retail experience. Upgrading from older, less efficient lighting solutions can help reduce energy costs at a time in the retail sector when every penny counts.

Today’s economic climate often means that public funding is limited, so our range of energy efficient lighting solutions can deliver energy savings and improvements on current lighting whilst catering to the reduced budgets many within the sector have to contend with. Office lighting has a profound effect on both productivity and employee wellbeing so we have designed a range of luminaires to suit offices with these goals in mind as well as aiding the reduction of energy costs and CO2 emissions.

We chose Contrac because they demonstrated, at all times, a willingness to work with us proactively and to consider all the options, recommending not only a new modern lighting solution but an energy saving one as well.

Graham Whitelocks - Director of health, safety and environment

Stagecoach UK Bus

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