01 March 2015

Since moving in to our current premises in East Yorkshire, we’ve been so busy designing and manufacturing some of the UK’s leading solutions that we’ve barely given the place a lick of paint in 14 years!

However this year we’ve finally gotten around to it, and as ever, we don’t do anything by halves! We’ve re-vamped our entire facility; expanding and re-designing the offices and installing new LED lighting, increasing our manufacturing capabilities by purchasing another large powder coating booth, opening up another 2 production lines and investing in a large number of solar panels.

We have also expanded our factory space by almost double. The photo opposite shows this space during the renovations with two types of lighting in it. On the left are our 160w Empire LED luminaires that we have installed and on the right, are the existing traditional 400w H.I.D. Lowbays. This photo is a perfect example of how we can improve the quality of light in an installation whilst reducing energy costs by more than 50%.

We’ve always encouraged people to visit us and see what we do and now there’s even more to see, including lots of our different luminiares which are installed around the factory including the Lando, Empire, Retail Continuous, Blok, Softlux 8, Organa, Endor and more. What better way to get an idea of how well a luminiare is going to function than by seeing it being made AND up and working?

Call us today to arrange a visit to our newly renovated facility. We’ll get the kettle on ready.

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