Deco LED

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A suspended architectural solution for both ambient and accent lighting. Developed specifically to offer an energy saving solution that will match its H.I.D. and fluorescent equivalent lumen for lumen whilst cutting energy costs by approximately 50%.

Technical Specification

  • Ribbed opal acrylic refractor.
  • Active and passive heat sink.
  • Life > 70,000 hours (L70 B50)
  • Tridonic/Philips 5 year system warranty.
  • 2000, 3000 and 5000 lumen output.
  • Colour temperature 4000K, CRI > 80

Available options:

  • Dali dimmable or Touch dim option.
  • Colour temperature 3000K.
  • Ribbed clear acrylic refractor or aluminium reflector.
  • Compact version (not available as emergency).

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