Cummins Emission Solutions

Drastically reducing running costs whilst increasing light levels.


Cummins Emission Solutions are a global manufacturer of exhaust after-treatment technology and solutions. The factory building is a former engine factory located in Morton Palms, Darlington and was constructed during 1964-5. It is a single story building, rectangular in plan with a flat roof and floor to ceiling glazing. It became a grade II listed building in 1992.

The Challenge

The existing luminaires were a mixture of suspended 250W metal halide low bays and fluorescent luminaires evenly arranged in rows between the structural steel frame of ‘I’ beams. The lighting levels were perceived as inadequate for the production activities and the luminaires required regular lamp changes which were extremely difficult to access due to the heavy manufacturing machinery. To keep the installation costs to a minimum, the existing lighting points needed to be used to avoid rewiring.

The Solution

Following a consultation with the client, a lighting design was derived which met Cummins specification, CIBSE recommended guidelines and H&S regulations.

The design utilized the Lando LED luminaire specifically designed to be a highly efficient LED lighting solution for industrial and warehousing applications. The lighting levels were increased by 30% with sufficient spread to ensure uniformity whilst providing 60% energy savings compared to the original Metal Halide and fluorescent lighting.


The net result is an increase in lighting levels with reduced material and maintenance costs which resulted in a return on investment of less than 2 years. In addition, the higher lighting levels and improved colour rendering provide a better working environment for employees.

Contrac’s expertise and proactive approach helped us to achieve improved energy performance, reduced carbon emissions, without impacting costs. The higher light levels resulted in an improvement to the working environment for our employees.

Ken Capel

Facilities Manager

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