Why You Should Consider LED For Your Retail Space

LED technology has been put to use in lighting applications for decades now, with older light sources rapidly being replaced by LED in almost every application imaginable. The retail sector is no different, with many retailers now looking to replace old fluorescent and halogen light sources with LED, but is this a good swap?

Contrac’s LED lighting systems generate light that is fully controllable, directional and of the highest quality. Not only that, they’re also highly efficient, meaning they only use a minimum amount of power, meaning lowers energy bills.

The versatility of LED a light source now means that it can be utilised along with any luminaire style and to match any aesthetic, whether that means new and cutting edge designs, or being incorporated into traditional styles to match an existing theme.

Early, but universal concerns about the quality of light and colour rendering(CCT) offered by LED technology are now only consigned to inferior products using poor quality components. Contrac’s various retail offerings come with a high CCT as standard, though specialist extra-high CCT ranges are also available.

The systems are easily installable, keeping the initial costs down, and due to their long life and low maintenance requirements, the costs stay down throughout the systems entire lifetime.

The Verdict

All this means that a Contrac Lighting LED lighting system will offer high quality light that can be easily controlled and directed, while significantly reducing energy consumption (and therefore bills!) and maintenance costs, without compromising on style!

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If you’d like to discuss the lighting requirements of a retail space, large or small, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available – we offer a free lighting design and consultation service, which includes an energy audit

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