Arbeia Roman Fort


Arbeia Roman Fort

The museum at the Arbeia Fort is part of a re-construction of a 2nd century Roman Fort overlooking the river Tyne. Lighting of historic buildings, even when they are re-constructions on original foundations, deserve special attention. And while the Museum offers candlelit tours to give visitors an idea of what it would have felt like almost two thousand years ago (without the biting cold and damp, presumably), candle lighting is not a practical method for display communication.

An installation of lighting track, with an array of spotlights, is a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to display lighting – probably the closest that we can get to the spirit of a Roman frontier garrison. All of the spotlighting is focused on the job in hand, and no light is wasted. It is an exercise in efficiency.

In keeping with that international history, it only seems fitting that the best lighting technology is similarly international, with Xicato LED technology, housed in spotlight projectors, designed, manufactured and brought to the banks of the Tyne.



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