The Artist Series

The Artist Series from Xicato is virtually indistinguishable from halogen light, except on the electricity meter reading where the difference is clear. To learn more about natural light, how Xicato has designed the Artist Series and the types of applications its being used we offer a range of resources and, this entire website. In addition to the materials below we welcome you to learn more in our technology section and to explore the application and luminaire galleries we have online.

The Vibrant Series

Colour scientists at Xicato have invented a new form of light that has a higher colour gamut index than most other light sources. This new light, called the Vibrant Series, enables us to see colours, hues and tones, particularly for whites, reds and blues, that are real, but simply aren’t visible under halogen light. This new light creates a vibrancy effect that’s clearly different and based on independent test, preferred by many shoppers and lighting professionals.

The Xicato Series

As with the popular Vibrant Series® Xicato has once again collaborated with industry experts and researchers to develop a light source that successfully meets this challenge. During extensive cosmetic trials comparing multiple light sources, Xicato Beauty Series emerged as the light source that best balanced the accurate colour discrimination of daylight, with the comfortable warmth of incandescent. Participants in the study reported feeling better and looking better under Beauty Series, and rated the light as the best overall.

The Beauty Series

Xicato Beauty Series features Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® which makes it possible to precisely tune the spectrum to deliver extraordinary clarity and fidelity with a warm, flattering ambience that is perfect not only for cosmetics concessions, but also for many other retail and hospitality settings where people are the focus. The Beauty Series also carries Xicato’s industry leading 5-year warranty on both lumen maintenance (L70/B0) and colour maintenance (≤ 0.003 Δu’v’).

The portfolio of light comprised by the Standard, Artist and Vibrant Series® enable lighting professionals, store designers, brand managers to create compelling and dramatic experiences for people whether they are shopping, dining or working.

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