Why Should You Consider LED Lighting For Your Office?

Since LED lighting came onto the market years ago, the level of quality on offer has increased immeasurably. Now growing numbers of offices are looking to replace their old and outdated lighting systems with LED systems, but why is that?

LED lighting is much more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lighting. Not only that, but in some circumstances it can also offer a much better quality and amount of light, whilst still using far less energy than traditional sources.

The main draw for offices who switch to LED is the massive cost savings in energy. Put simply, whereas an old incandescent bulb operated at around 20% (meaning that other 80% is effectively wasted) LED lighting operates the other way around, only wasting around 20%. The light delivered for this energy is often of a better quality too, meaning the office environment feels much better and more comfortable with LED lighting. Making improvements like this to your working environment can often boost staff morale and improve well-being.

The Verdict

When looking at a new lighting system for an office environment, LED should definitely be a consideration. As a reaction to its increased popularity though, the market has been flooded with cheap and inferior LED panels, often imported from the far-east, which often don’t even offer an improvement on fluorescent lighting. Contrac’s Office range of luminaires all utilise the highest quality components and are manufactured and tested in the UK.

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If you’d like to discuss the lighting requirements of an office space, large or small, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available – we offer a free lighting design and consultation service, which includes an energy audit.

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