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Formed in 1986 and currently based in Goole, East Yorkshire, Contrac Lighting has long established itself as a front-runner in the design and build industry with a reputation for flexibilty, efficient design, energy saving solutions, quality fabrication and rapid supply.

A Genuine UK Manufacturer

We pride ourselves on being genuine lighting manufacturers, and not just assemblers of light fittings, meaning that we possess the expertise and machinery to design, punch, roll, form, powder coat, wire and test all under one roof. Because of this, a speciality of ours is our capability to work with customers to produce bespoke fittings to their specifications, or alter existing fittings from our range in a number of ways to better suit them.

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Contrac Lighting insists on maintaining an in-house policy in all areas of operation resulting in a flexible team of over forty people, capable of managing highly technical projects within achievable deadlines.

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